The New Jersey State Referee Committee (NJSRC) administrates classes which certify and register successful attendees to become a USSF referee. The USSF has a referee grading system which specifies what level games the referee may officiate. In New Jersey you may become a new referee at either the Grade 9 or Grade 8 level.  For more information and class scheduling, please go to www.njrefs.com .

United States Soccer Federation Referee Grades
The USSF currently has 14 referee grades:
  • Grade 16 – Emeritus State Referee
  • Grade 15 – Emeritus State Referee
  • Grade 14 – Emeritus National Referee
  • Grade 13 – Emeritus Professional Referee
  • Grade 12 – Assistant Referee
  • Grade 9 – Recreational Referee
  • Grade 8 – Referee (Competitive Youth)
  • Grade 7 – Referee (Adult Ameteur)
  • Grade 6 – State Referee
  • Grade 5 – State Referee
  • Grade 4 – National Referee
  • Grade 3 – Professional Referee
  • Grade 2 – FIFA Assistant Referee
  • Grade 1 – FIFA Referee
GRADE 9 Recreational Referee Requirements and Information
This class is geared toward the youth referee who wants to start officiating recreational games. Generally, recreational games are small sided, "in-town" games played by younger players.
1. Minimum 14 years of age on the day of the class
2. Can only officiate RECREATIONAL soccer game
3. Cannot officiate travel games
4. Must attend a one day classroom session in its entirety
5. Pass a 50 question multiple choice classroom exam with a score of at least 75%
6. Click HERE for additional information
Class fee: $55.00
Click here for class AGENDA
Grade 9 classes are scheduled at the request of a hosting soccer club. Clubs must be affiliated with the USSF. Clubs interested in hosting a Grade 9 class should refer to the information at this link: Information and How to Request a Grade 9 Class for Your Club
Grade 8 Referee Requirements and Information
This class is geared for the older youth (16 and above) and adults who want to officiate both recreational and competitive "travel" soccer games. The Grade 8 referee can officiate all youth games. The Grade 9 course is NOT required before taking the Grade 8.
1. Minimum 16 years of age on the day of the class
2. Can officiate both recreational and travel games (all level youth games)
3. Must complete online educational sessions and pass online test
4. Must attend two days of classroom training
5. Pass in class multiple choice 60 question exam with a score of at least 75%
6. Minimum 15 registrants, class may be cancelled if less than 15 register
7. Click HERE for additional information
Class fee: $150.00 (fee includes USSF registration, classroom fee and Referee Starter kit which includes required uniform)
Classes are schedule by the NJS Referee Committee


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