Use of Trainers

Edison United Soccer Association, “EUSA”, works hard to provide the proper developmental training environment for its players from Foundation 1 (formerly Micro) thru Academy Travel Division.  To meet those needs, EUSA contracts with various training companies and trainers to provide all technical & tactical soccer training.  EUSA has also contracted with Advanced Physical and Technical Training (“AP2T”) for the club’s speed, strength and agility training.  In doing so, EUSA, in conjunction with its training companies, works on providing a consistent soccer training and development model for its players.

Only EUSA authorized vendors are to be utilized by EUSA teams for soccer training and SSA training.  EUSA has negotiated group pricing with these vendors to ensure a cost effective program for all EUSA teams.  All trainers are paid directly through their respective training companies.  EUSA teams are not authorized to contract individually with any individual trainer or any group outside of the authorized training companies unless approved by the Board of Directors.  Individual team trainers and training companies may change based on the needs and challenges of EUSA team(s) as identified by the VP of Travel and/or Board of Directors.

Definition of a non-paid volunteer coach/trainer is any parent or EUSA Adult Co-Ed Player who is approved by the respective VP of the Division (Foundations 1 & 2, Development formerly Inter-County & Pre-Academy & Academy Travel) in question.  All approved non-paid volunteers must complete the EUSA Background Check as well as Concussion Training and hold any applicable soccer licenses as required by the Division (Foundations 1 & 2, Development formerly Inter-County & Pre-Academy & Academy Travel) in question.

Utilization of a non-sanctioned trainer or training company at an EUSA training/game event, whether non-paid volunteer or paid, is grounds for potential removal of the coach, trainer and up to and not limited to the team, from EUSA after Board Review. 


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