Parents DO'S and DONT'S

At EUSA we strive for a positive environment for children to not only learn the love and game of soccer, but to flourish as new members of our community by providing them positive role models.

Unfortunately, poor parental behavior is an ongoing concern in youth sports.  Please read the following reminders.  This simple list of "do's and dont's" has been compiled to assist you.


  1. Make certain that your child arrives on time for practices and games as set by their coach.  Late arrivals affect both the individual's and their team's ability to properly warm-up and be prepared to play at the scheduled time.  On-time for Micro and Rec is considered 10 minutes before your scheduled start time.  On-time for Inter-County is considered 30 minutes before your scheduled game time and 10 minutes before your scheduled practice time.
  2. Be sure that your child is dressed and equipped properly.  All players should wear their full uniform for games and shin guards must be worn UNDER their socks during all soccer-related activities.  All players should have a ball at every practice and game.
  3. Remain on the parents' sideline well back from the field of play to allow for a margin of safety when players' momentum carry them out-of-bounds.
  4. Encourage good sportsmanship towards players, coaches and referees ON AND OFF THE FIELD.


  1. Please refrain from watching games outside of the parents' sideline including along the end lines, behind the goals or on the players' sideline.  This is a distraction for players, coaches and officials.
  2. DO NOT CRITICIZE calls of the officials.  This is simply unacceptable under all circumstances.
  3. Please do not shout instructions or "coach" players during a match.  This is unacceptable and distracting to your child and may result on your child not playing during a match.
  4. Never engage another player before, during or after a game, either on the field or off of it, regarding any play.  Coaches and referees control the games and any dialog from an adult to a player is totally unacceptable and grounds for removal.
  5. Do not sent your child to games or practices wearing  any type of jewelry, wristbands, earrings or anything that could pose a safety issue, including casts of any kind.
  6. Under no circumstances should you approach a coach immediately before or after a game or practice with questions or complaints regarding your child's status on the team.  It simply is not a good idea, so wait at least 24 hours and then make arrangements to speak privately at a mutually agreeable time and place.

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