Team Creation - Recreation League & Micro-Soccer

Team Creation:  Recreation League & Micro-Soccer
How are players placed onto teams in the Recreation League and Micro‑Soccer program?  That depends on the grade that the players are in.


School Region I   School Region II  
School Group A School Group B       School Group C School Group D
Washington James Monroe   Menlo Park James Madison P/I
John Marshall Ben Franklin   Woodbrook Martin Luther King
Lindeneau Lincoln   Woodrow Wilson M.S. John Adams M.S.
Thomas Jefferson M.S. Herbert Hoover M.S.   St. Francis St. Helena
St. Matthew       Wardlaw-Hartridge

Timothy Christian


Metuchen Christian Academy



Grades Pre-K, K, and 1 (Micro-Soccer)
Players who are registered on time are placed solely by the school they attend.

Grades 2 through 8 (Micro-Soccer & Recreation League)
Players are placed by school, school group, or school region (see chart below) depending on the number of head coaches that are available from each school, school group, or school region.  EUSA tries to keep players from the same school together, but this may not be possible if there are not enough head coaches to make this happen.  In such cases, players can be placed onto a team from the same school group, or school region.


Grades 4 through 8 (Recreation League)
The Recreation League has two divisions, known as RL5 and RL8.  Unlike Micro‑Soccer where each grade is a separate division, the divisions in Recreation League have multiple grades in them.  RL5 combines the 4th & 5th grades, while RL8 combines grades 6 through 8.  Whenever possible, EUSA tries to balance out the number of children from each grade across the teams, but this must be done with the requirement of keeping children from the same school together whenever possible.

School Group and Region Chart
Below is a chart showing how schools are grouped for the purposes of team creation:

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