Player Attendance
Rec League & Micro-Soccer guidelines regarding your child's attendance

Because of an alarming increase in the number of complaints from coaches about players not attending practice sessions and games, it is necessary to re-state EUSAís guidelines regarding player attendance and participation:

EUSA is not a soccer camp or class.  It is a youth sports league and soccer is a team sport that requires the participation of all players.  When children do not attend games it affects more than just the one child; it affects up to 36 children depending on the division.  Players are required to attend 70% of all games that are PLAYED by their team.  The chart below shows the number of games players are required to attend:

Required Player attendance at Games

# of Games played by Team







# of Games Player must attend







Players who are excessively absent from their teamís games and cannot provide valid reasons for the absences will ONLY be placed onto a team in the next season they register for after every other child who registers is placed.

A player cannot develop their skills without practice, and as such ALL players in the 2nd Grade or older are expected to attend the practice sessions conducted by their teamís coaches.  The coaches are parents volunteering their time to work with all of the children and as such cannot always schedule practice sessions to accommodate everyone.  It is the responsibility of each and every parent to ensure that their child attends at least 50% of the practice sessions that are held each season.  While children who habitually miss practice sessions cannot be denied the opportunity to participate in games, the coach has the ability to limit the amount of playing time the child receives, so long as the problem has been discussed with the appropriate division director (or Program VP in the directorís absence).

Children who are excessively absent from their teamís practice sessions and cannot provide valid reasons for the absences will ONLY be placed onto a team in the next season they register for after every other child who registers is placed.  Please note that scheduling conflicts with other recreational activities (e.g. youth sports, martial arts, dance, etc.) are NOT considered a valid excuse for missing practice.



EUSA cannot place children onto teams based on when it is convenient for them to attend practices.  As volunteers, coaches have other obligations which dictate when they are able to schedule their teamís practice sessions.  If your child has difficulty in attending practice sessions because of the day and time the practices are held, it is strongly suggested that you try to work together with a couple of other parents on the team and cooperatively run a second practice session during the week.  At least two parents must be present for this to be allowed.

Please make sure that your head coach has your home phone and an alternate phone number (e.g., cell phone) to reach you at.  If for some reason your child cannot attend a game or practice session, you must notify the head coach of this.  EUSA asks that as a courtesy to your coach and childís teammates that you notify the head coach at least 24 hours in advance of the game or practice session unless a last‑minute emergency prevents you from doing so.

Please be aware that the coaches are not babysitters and as such parents are not to simply drop their children off and just leave them.  If you are unable to remain at a game or practice session for your child, you must first notify the coach and then see if there is another parent who will be remaining at the game or practice session who will be responsible for your child while you are away AND who can take them home if you are unable to return on time.  If a coach has to remain at a practice session or game after it has ended because a parent has not returned to pick up their child, the parent will be reported to the appropriate EUSA division director who will issue a verbal warning.  A second incident will result in a written warning being issued by the appropriate Program VP.  A third incident will result in the parent having to appear at an EUSA Board meeting before their children are allowed to participate in future seasons of EUSAís programs.

ALL children deserve a chance to playÖ
Whether or not they get that chance ultimately depends on their parents.

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