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Woodrow Wilson Middle School

EUSA Field Locations and Directions
How to get to our game fields
EUSA’s teams play games at a number of locations around town.  In order to help our members get to the fields in the easiest way possible, we’ve put together directions for each location.  Simply click on the name of the field to the left to see how to get there.
Practice Fields

For those teams seeking practice fields, you may utilize the school fields at John Adams, Herbert Hoover, Thomas Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson, Elder as well as Frank Wright Field and the fields at Stelton Community Center and Minnie Veal Community Center.   Spencer Rockman is only available Mon-Fri for Travel & Inter-County teams who are calendar approved.

Please note that we do not have permits to practice Monday - Friday at Thomas Edison Park.   Please police all areas and ensure that we leave the grounds clean and free of debris.

Spencer Rockman Field Use - Guidelines
Playing at Spencer Rockman is a privilege and not a right. We expect teams/trainers/coaches to adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that our fields are properly maintained and that everyone has the needed space for training. These guidelines are there to keep our facility safe, organized and run in a professional manner.  Training at Spencer Rockman from Monday - Friday is available only for Travel & Inter-County teams.
If your team is found violating any of the below rules, you will be asked to leave Spencer and locate training space elsewhere.

Guidelines for training at Spencer Rockman Soccer Complex:

· All teams training at Spencer Rockman Soccer Complex will be in proper attire. This includes either their Red or Blue EUSA Training Shirts, shorts/warm-ups, shin guards & cleats. Coaches are expected to wear either Red or Blue Coaches shirts. If a player and/or team are not in proper attire during practice, they will be asked to leave.


· The goals located on the large sided field and small sided field ARE NOT TO BE MOVED.


· TeamsARE NOT TO PLAY in the goal areas on the designated small sided or large sided fields. This includes the small fields with goals designated for Micro Soccer. Work across the space.


· Given the large number of teams training at Spencer Rockman, the team training area is to be no larger than 40x40. DO NOT SET UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD. Use common sense and begin your markings outside the touchlines working inward to allow as many teams as possible to train.


· There are several free floating goals at Spencer Rockman. You may use one goal per team. Use the appropriate goal for your age group. Goals are to be brought back to their original location at the end of practice. Ensure all goals are properly anchored.


· The snack bar will be open during practice sessions. Each team is required to provide 1 parent volunteer during your training times to man the snack bar. This is mandatory. Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you with your team’s schedule.


· Any scheduled make-up games will take precedence over training. Please monitor the calendar for any game additions and locate additional training space for your team as necessary.


· There will be no full field practice scrimmages allowed.


· You must be approved and on the Spencer Rockman calendar in order to train at the field.


· As coaches, you are responsible to ensure that your training area is left clean when you leave the field. Please discard all bottles & garbage in the proper receptacles.


· If you are training on Wednesdays, you are expected to bring the garbage cans & recycling to the curb for pickup.


· If you are training on Thursdays, you are expected to bring the garbage cans and recycling receptacles back to the clubhouse.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in your team being denied the right to practice at Spencer Rockman.

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