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Volunteer Work Bond - starting Spring 2015

Edison United Soccer Association is run exclusively by VOLUNTEERSGiven how well our CLUB runs, people forget that EVERYONE running this CLUB for our children to play soccer is a NON-PAID VOLUNTEER.  As our CLUB continues to grow, we have seen a marked decrease in the number of volunteers across all our programs.  It is therefore with great reluctance and sadness that we are implementing a Volunteer Work Bond program starting Spring 2015.

Volunteers are the backbone of Edison United Soccer Association.  We could not exist without the dedication and the hundeds of thousands of hours put in by our volunteers. The time, energy and enthusiasm of volunteers fuels our soccer club and make our kids' dreams a reality.  There is a place for everyone in our organization.  The sports-minded can find a place as a coach.  The business person can lend their talent as an event organizer.  The retiree can offer support as a coordinator and the student may want to invest their enthusiasm into a league or other competition event.  In the end, all of our volunteers have one thing in common - a sense of personal pride knowing they are changing the lives of our children with their involvement!

Most sports organizations across New Jersey have long ago implemented work bond programs, but we at EUSA have tried to avoid them.  Our CLUB is only as good as our volunteers. And as our CLUB has grown significantly in the last two years, the number of volunteers to meet those needs have not.

The purpose of the volunteer work bond is not to make more money, but to encourage our membership to become more actively involved in making our CLUB the best it can be.

There will be a $75 volunteer work bond added to each household at seasonal registration.  The CLUB is asking for 2 volunteer hours per family per season to assist in the daily operation of our organization.  A list of volunteer opportunities are provided for you on the left hand side of this page.  We will be utilizing SignUpGenius to aid you in volunteering for work.  Although approved positions are to help run the CLUB as a whole, all members are encouraged to still volunteer to help their child's team run smoothly throughout the year as well.

Volunteer hours cannot be carried over to the following season as we need continued help from year to year.

For refunds, it is the volunteer's responsibility to properly document the hours you have given to the CLUB.  Upon completion of your obligation, you must have your time sheet validated by a Board Member.  You must turn in your completed, signed work bod sheet no later than June 30th for the Spring season and November 30th for the Fall season by EMAILING it to Edison United Soccer Association at REFUND@EdisonUnitedSoccer.com.   If you fail to submit your completed Work Bond form by these dates, you will forfeit your Work Bond to the CLUB.  No exceptions will be made.  Your email is confirmation that you submitted your form timely.

Work bonds will not be carried over to the following season.  

All refunds will be issued back to the credit card used at the time of registration.  All refunds will be processed by July 15th for the Spring Season and December 15th for the Fall Season.  If your credit card is not active, a check will be issued.

If the field is closed due to weather, etc, and you signed up for volunteer work, you will be automatically credited.  The only exception is garbage cans for Wednesdays & Thursdays and field cleanup.  You are still expected to complete those task(s).  Complete your Volunteer Work Bond form and note "FIELDS CLOSED" under the activity section and email to REFUND@EdisonUnitedSoccer.com . 

If you drop out of any program, your volunteer fees are forfeited.

For more information, please see the FAQs.


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