Volunteer Work Bond Opportunities

EUSA truly appreciates your support.  When everyone does their part to help, it makes for a much more enjoyable year.  If you want to do more, please contact the EUSA President or any other EUSA Board Member.

Families are eligible to apply for a full refund after they complete the required service commitment to EUSA.  Please see FAQs reqarding reimbursement dates.

To volunteer, please o to SignupGenius link and choose your spot.

Possible activities to fulfill Volunteer Requirements:

Exempt Positions:*
* Serving as a Board Member
* Serving as a Head Coach

Some tasks to fulfill service requirements:
1. Helping with Field Maintenance
2. Helping to line fields - weekly
3. Taking out the garbage - weekly
4. Bringing garbage cans back in - weekly
5. Cleaning and restocking bathrooms - weekly
6. Snack Bar duties - hourly
7. Helping to police and clean Spencer Rockman - daily
8. Helping with equipment management
9. Helping with special projects - carpentry, electrical etc.
10. Helping with calendar management
11. Updating Facebook
12. Field Marshalls at Tournaments
13. Attendance at SAGE meeting
14. Snack parent
15. Assistant Coach
16. Head Coach
17. Team Parent

* These important roles are exempt positions that do not require a volunteer bond to be paid.  Contact EUSA at eusa@edisonunitedsoccer.com prior to completion of registration so fee can be waived.  

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