Volunteer Work Bond Oppotunities

EUSA truly appreciates your support.  When everyone does their part to help, it makes a much more enjoyable year.  If you want to do more, please contact the EUSA President or any other EUSA Board Member.

Families are eligible to apply for a full refund after they complete the required service commitment to EUSA.

Possible activities to fulfill Volunteer Requirements:

Exempt Positions:*
* Serving as a Board Member
* Serving as a Head Coach
* Serving as the Team Parent Manager (Travel & Inter-County only)
* Serving as a Division Coordinator
* Serving as a Coordinator of Parent Managers
* Serving as a Snack Bar Coordinator

Some tasks to fulfill service requirements:
1. Helping with Field Maintenance
2. Helping to line fields - weekly
3. Taking out the garbage - weekly
4. Bringing garbage cans back in - weekly
5. Cleaning and restocking bathrooms - weekly
6. Snack Bar duties - hourly
7. Helping to police and clean Spencer Rockman - daily
8. Helping with equipment management
9. Helping with special projects - carpentry, electrical etc.
10. Helping with calendar management
11. Updating Facebook
12. Field Marshalls at Tournaments
13. Attendance at SAGE meeting
14. Snack parent
15. Assistant Coach

* These important roles are exempt positions that do not require a volunteer bond to be paid.  Contact EUSA at eusa@edisonunitedsoccer.com prior to completion of registration so fee can be waived.  

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