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Foundation 2 RL5 (Ages 11 & 12)
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Foundation 2 (F2) - The Game - 11-15 yr olds
Formerly Recreation Soccer

Foundation 2 will build off of the fundamentals achieved in Foundation 1.  Technical focus will still remain a top priority.  However, new tactical components will be introduced.  Players will understand interchanges of space that include overlaps, underlaps, and wall passes.  Shape is further stressed.  Rondo games will be introduced.  Basic overloads and offsides are introduced.

Training / Game Locations: 
     Games:   Saturdays - Thomas Edison Park behind Middlesex County College
     Training: Fridays - Spencer Rockman Soccer Complex

Training Length:  1 hour 

Game Length:  60 - 70 minutes depending on age group

Trainings per Week:  1 – Friday Evenings

  • Training Break Down
    1. 10 minutes:  Unopposed Foundational skill sets + change of direction moves.
    2. 10 minutes:  1v1 Misdirection Games
    3. 15 minutes:  2v2 and 3v3 Games : Review interchanges of space – Introduce offsides
    4. 20 minutes:  Rondos
    5. 20 minutes:  9v9 Scrimmage with Trainer Guidance
  • Skill Set Focus
    1. Boxes
    2. Toe Taps  
    3. Swipes
    4. Outside Swipes
    5. Rips
    6. Scissors
    7. Step Overs
    8. L Turns
    9. Push Pull
    10. Outside/Inside Bells
    11. Ronaldo Chops
    12. Zidane 
    13. Maradona
    14. Inside Twist
    15. Outside Twist
    16. Stop and Go Moves
    17. U Turn
    18. Inside/Outside Cuts
  • Additional Technical Components:  
    1. Receiving with far foot  
    2. Turning chest into new space 
    3. Shielding the ball  
    4. Basic Turning with the ball 
    5. Understanding basic patterns of play/shape  
    6. Understanding interchanging spaces: Overlap, underlap, wall-pass
  • Tactical Components: 
    1. Spatial Awareness 
    2. Basic Shape: Understanding the Triangle  
    3. Understanding the diamond  
    4. Understanding interchanging of spaces 
    5. Understanding when to dribble/when to pass/when to shoot
  • Game Time:
    1. U11 & U12 (RL5)
      1. 2 - 25 minute halves & 8 minute halftime
      2. 9v9 Play with Goalkeepers
      3. No Heading by Players
      4. Playing area 75x47 yards
      5. Offside Rules
    2. U13 to U15 (RL8)
      1. 2 - 35 minute halves & 8 minute halftime
      2. 11v11 Play with Goalkeepers
      3. Playing area 112x75 yards
      4. Offside Rules



While the Sayreville Father’s Day Recreation Tournament was affected by the rainy weather that weekend, one team from Edison was definitely not bothered. The U11/U12 Edison Fireballs went on to capture 1st place in the shortened tournament.

This All-Star team is comprised of 16 girls from 7 different recreation teams from Edison United Soccer’s RL4G and RL5G divisions. During the try-outs, the coaches knew that this would be a special team. With only a few practices together, the team gelled quickly.  In the tournament, they played great and looked like they had been together for many seasons. Everyone contributed and they all deserve credit for their success. 

Please join us in congratulating the team!


The Edison Fireballs from left to right; Hannah, Samantha, Delani, Anjali, Amanda, Kerry, Michelle, Gabrielle, Nina, Puja, Adriana, Alexandra, and Martina, (coaches) Dan, Tom, Radu, and Frank. (not shown) Lindsay, Pragati, and Sarah.


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