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Inter-County Creating U19 Boys & Girls Division for Fall 2012!

Breaking news from the Inter-County front! 

The ICYSL Board is adding a U19 Boys & Girls Division beginning with the fall 2012 season.  Varsity players will be allowed to play ONLY in the U19 division.

If you are interested in playing, REGISTRATION is NOW OPEN.  We will refund all Inter-County U19 LATE FEES if registration is completed prior to Friday, July 27th, 2012.

We will keep you posted as further developments occur!

Congratulations U12G - Wolfpack for another Season Championship!
Inter-County League 1st Place Finish

Inter-County had a strong Spring 2012 season.  We had 20 teams competing across all age groups of which 5 teams made the play-offs and 4 teams finished in the top 3 of their respective divisions!

Congratulations to all the players, coaches and parents for their hard work in the Play-offs!


U12 Girls  - A Div              - 1st Place             - Wolfpack

U12 Girls - B Div               - 3rd Place             - Angels

U12 Boys- B Div               - 3rd Place             - MetroStars

U17 Girls                          - 3rd Place             - Sky Blue


We’d also like to recognize the final standings of all of our Inter-County league teams and their tremendous finishes this season!


Division Team Placed Record W-T-L
U10 Boys - Red Edison Speedsters 2nd Place with 8-0-1 record
U10 Boys - Blue Edison Rattlesnakes 4th Place with 7-0-2 record
U10 Boys - Blue Edison Maniacs 5th Place with 5-2-2 record
U10 Boys - Blue Edison Majestic 7th Place with 3-2-4 record
U10 Girls - Blue Edison Shooting Stars 2nd Place with 8-0-1 record
U10 Girls - Blue Edison Lightning Bolts 3rd Place with 5-2-2 record
U12 Boys - A Div Edison Wolves 7th Place with 2-3-2 record
U12 Boys - A Div Edison Devils 8th Place with 2-3-2 record
U12 Boys - A Div Edison MetroStars 11th Place with 0-1-6 record
U12 Boys - A Div Edison Galaxy 12th Place with 0-1-6 record
U12 Girls - A Div Edison Wolfpack III 2nd Place with 5-1-1 record
U12 Girls - A Div Edison Dolphins 6th Place with 2-2-3 record
U12 Boys - B Div Edison Eagles 3rd Place with 5-1-1 record
U12 Girls - B Div Edison Angels 1st Place with 5-2-0 record
U14 Boys - A Div Edison Blue Devils 7th Place with 2-0-5 record
U14 Girls - A Div Edison Angels FC 5th Place with 3-1-3 record
U17 Boys Edison Scorpions 8th Place with 2-0-5 record
U17 Boys Edison Volts 9th Place with 3-0-4 record
U17 Girls Edison Sky Blue 3rd Place with 4-0-2 record
U17 Girls Edison Volcanoes 5th Place with 2-3-1 record




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