Financial Aid Application

Financial Aid Request

PLEASE READ FIRST:  Edison United Soccer Association (EUSA) has a limited budget for providing financial aid.  To be considered for full or partial aid, applicants must complete all the information below and submit to the club prior to the registration deadline.  If any information is incorrect or missing, the application will be denied.  Financial aid applications will be reviewed and a decision will be made in a timely manner.

Financial Aid Awards – Aid is awarded based upon demonstrated need and awarded on a first come, first serve basis.  Financial aid covers club fees only.  Any additional fees associated with the team you are rostered with not covered in the club fees must be paid.  You may not play for another club while on a financial aid program with EUSA.

Applicants – By completing and submitting this application, you agree to provide proof of income/need as may be required.

Notification – A EUSA Board Member will notify applicants if the financial aid request is approved or denied.  All information is kept confidential.

Terms of Financial Aid Agreement – If you are approved for financial aid in exchange you are making a commitment to your team, coaches and EUSA.  Failure to attend practices, games and team events may result in your financial aid agrement being terminated.

  • If you leave EUSA for reasons other than listed below you may be invoiced the full registration amount in order to have your player released from his/her official state roster.  This means if you choose to leave EUSA to go play for another club and team you are breaching the spirit in which this financial aid award was presented.
  • Acceptable reasons for leaving the club:
    • Injury (medical proof required)
    • Moving out of town
    • Additional hardship in family
    • No longer playing soccer

Submission Deadline – In order to make sure financial aid funds are still available it is recommended you submit this application prior to the Fall and/or Spring registration deadlines.

The club will make every effort to assure that deserving children in need have an opportunity to play soccer in our community.

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