MNJYSA Travel Player Paperwork Requirements

Congratulations on making the EUSA Travel Team!

Please read each step carefully prior to completing each for or item of paperwork. All of the paperwork is carefully reviewed by a League official and will be returned if there is any discrepancy. Please ensure that your child’s name on all paperwork matches their birth certificate name as well as their date of birth.

Listed below are links for the paperwork that needs to be completed so that your player is properly registered and carded prior to the start of the games. Travel players who are not carded MAY NOT PLAY. Therefore, please complete the paperwork as quickly as possible and return to your coach so we can complete the player passes.

For Coaches Only:

NJYS Volunteer Coach Membership Form (required of all coaches)


Proper Steps for Completing the Player Pass Registration Paperwork for your Travel Player:

  1. Locate and make a photocopy of your child’s birth certificate
  2. Locate or cut out a 1" x 1", high-quality, color photograph of a head-shot of your child. Write your child’s full legal name on the back of the photo. The photo will be used on your child’s state player pass. Note that the leage will reject any low-quality, home-printed photos. Please do not bring us larger photos that need to be cut out, cut them to size yourself.
  3. Use a paper clip to secure the photo to the front of the birth ciertificate and set them aside for now. DO NOT USE STAPLES ON ANY OF THE PAPERWORK.
  4. Print and fill out the MNJYS Youth Player Form . Leave the following fields blank: League, League #, Club, Club#, Team #, Player Pass # and Age. We will fill those in for you. Be sure to fill out the bottom section where you print and sign your names and provide the date signed. Be sure your child signs their full legal name.
  5. Print and fill out the MNJYSA Medical Release Form . DO NOT sign and date this form until you are with a Notary Public. Forms that do not have consistent dates will be rejected by the League. Forms can usually be notarized at your personal bank by a notary.
  6. Print and fill out the SAGE Form . There are four slots for signatures at the bottom of the form. Be sure that you and your child both sign the form, leaving two slots empty.
  7. If you are not a coach, assistant coach, or team manager, skip to step #10.
  8. If you are a team’s coach, assistant coach or team manager, you are required to complete the online background check and the online concussion training found under Coaches Corner.
  9. Coach/Assistant Coach League Paperwork
    1. Photocopy of your state coaching license
    2. 1"x1" color, high-quality, head-shot photo (photo paper only)
    3. Print and fill out NJYS Volunteer Coach Membership Form
  10. Parents & Players MUST READ the EUSA Travel Handbook and print and sign the last page.
  11. Review all paperwork for correctness and completeness. Missing or incorrect information can result in your child being unable to play in a pre-season tournament, or not being registered in time for the first game. USE A PAPER CLIP to secure all completed forms together with the photo and birth certificate on top.
  12. Bring the packet of forms with you when you come to the Parent’s Meeting night.
  13. Remember, your child MUST be registered online at www.edisonunitedsoccer.com and paid in order to be registered with the League.



Player forms: Make a copy of each state membership form & birth certificate; retaining a set for yourself. Original membership and & copy of birth certificate go to the DC.

Coaches: DC needs an original & COPY (2) of the non-volunteer membership form and copy of the coach’s licensing certificate. State office receives original and retain the copy for DC’s records. 


· Membership forms should be in order as names appear on roster sheet submitted and clipped together 

· All birth certificates/passport copies should be clipped together in a second group, in the same order as the state membership forms

· All medical releases (or copies) should be clipped together in a third group, in the same order as the state membership forms

· Put all the player passes together in the same order as the roster list and clip together. Separate the passes along their perforations – DO NOT keep them attached and DO NOT attach each pass to its state form 

Clip all the piles separately and include with roster to DC 

Place the ENTIRE GROUPING in a large manilla envelope with the following information on the front:  Age Group, Club Name, Team Name.  Exampe:  U11, Edison United Soccer, Dynamos and drop off at the VP of Travel to submit to the DC.

  1. VOLUNTEER Coaches MUST complete a membership form for each team they are coaching - and attach a copy of their coaching certification (or pass if issued to another team). Your roster will not be validated without a certified coach. If you need a copy of the coach license, contact the NJYS office to receive a duplicate ($25. charge). Do NOT send anything other than a NJYS coaching certificate or USYSA coaching certificate that specifies your coaching license as A through F.  

This may seem a bit demanding from your perspective, DC’s turn over entire club packets within 24 hours or days at the onset of the season. The state requires the forms be completed correctly. When a packet is organized neatly and in a manner that the DC is comfortable, the packet can be reviewed and validated faster. DC’s do not like returning packets and won’t fill in missing information. 

Remember - membership forms, birth certificates and medical releases MUST accompany each player. Any information missing will result in that player being lined off and not included in your roster - or the entire packet returned as incomplete, depending on the extent of the errors or missing information. 

When packets have been approved by the DC, the VP of Travel will email or call you for pickup.

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