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The toughest part of travel soccer is the paperwork!

As coaches and/or managers, you are responsible for setting the proper yearly budget for your team.  You should establish your budget before your season's team parent meeting so parents can have input into costs.  Also, you are responsible for documenting training times for your trainers and submitting your report at the end of each season.

Step 1: Team Budgets

  1. Preliminary team budgets are due at the beginning of every season and no later than two weeks into the season, if there are any changes.
  2. Budgets are to be emailed to Director of Training, Alek Petreski at acepnaa@gmail.com for approval.
  3. Once your team budget has been approved, we will open the EUSA online payment system for your parents to pay.
  4. Please also review your budget with your trainers once approved so they are aware of requirements.

Step 2: Final Payments

  1. You are to maintain a log of all trainer training dates, hours and game attendances on the Travel Team Training Invoice.
  2. This is to be submitted no later than 2 weeks from the end of the season to the Director of Training, Alek Petreski at acepnaa@gmail.com for approval.
  3. Once approved against your budget, payment will be issued from EUSA to the training vendor.

If there are any questions, please contact the Director of Training.

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