Uniform & Training Gear Policy

EUSA provides each team: Foundation 1 (formerly Micro), Foundation 2 (formerly Recreation), Development (formerly Inter-County) & Pre-Academy & Academy Travel with proper uniforms to be worn representing EUSA at the beginning of their respective seasons.  All uniforms are ordered based on the parent’s size request noted in their household registration.

No COACH/TEAM is authorized to modify the use or look of the EUSA uniform without prior permission by the Board of Directors.

Foundation 1 (formerly Micro) and Foundation 2 (formerly Recreation) receive new uniforms every season: fall & spring.  If a new uniform is required due to a parent’s failure to note the proper size, additional costs will be collected from the parent.

Development (formerly Inter-County) receive uniforms in the Fall and are expected to wear the uniform for two (2) seasons: fall & spring.  We highly recommend that you factor in growth spurts for your children when ordering.  If a new uniform is required in the spring, additional costs will be collected from the parent.

Pre-Academy & Academy Travel players will order uniforms upon new registration and as needed.  Uniforms are not part of the registration fee.  Players are expected to wear their uniform for 2 playing years (2 Fall & 2 Spring seasons).  We highly recommend that you factor in growth spurts for your children when ordering.  If a new uniform is required, additional costs will be collected from the parent.

Names on the back of the uniform are STRICTLY reserved for Pre-Academy & Academy Travel teams.  There are no exceptions.  No Development (formerly Inter-County), EDP Futures or Foundation team is authorized to place names on their uniforms.  No team is allowed to place any advertising on their uniforms.  If a Coach/Team makes any modifications to their uniforms that are not authorized by the Board of Directors, the team will be expected to fund the cost of all new uniforms or remove/hide the modifications made.  If the Coach/Team fails to comply, that team will forfeit the remainder of their games until the modifications have been removed or new uniforms received.

Color Designation - Color designation is determined by EUSA.  As a general rule, EUSA is represented by Royal Blue and Red uniforms for Development (formerly Inter-County) and Pre-Academy, and Black & Red for Academy Travel.  Royal Blue & Black are considered our Home color and Red is considered our Away color.  Additional colors may be designated for Academy teams as approved by the President.

EUSA Practice T-Shirts will be worn at all training sessions.   EUSA practice t-shirts, royal blue and red, are to be worn at all EUSA practice sessions and/or sponsored events by Development (formerly Inter-County) and Pre-Academy Travel teams.  Players should be in black shorts, shinguards and cleats with their ball at all practices.  The player has discretion as to the color of their socks at practices only.  EUSA will provide one set of t-shirts (one royal blue and one red) to each Pre-Academy & Academy Travel and Development (formerly Inter-County) player at the start of the fall season.  Any additional shirts needed will be at the cost of the player.

Undergarments for Pre-Academy & Academy Travel and Development (formerly Inter-County) Players - If a player chooses to wear undergarments that will be visible, such as long-sleeved shirts under the jersey, compression shorts, etc, these must match the color of the garment they are under, i.e., jersey or short.    The exception to this is that for practices only, players may wear undershirts and/or undershorts of another color.

Other cold-weather accessories - It is acceptable for players to wear "field gloves" and either headbands (to cover ears) or knit caps.  These should be black or club colors or royal blue or red.  No hard-billed caps or visors are permitted on the field.

Player Required Equipment -

  • Practices - For Pre-Academy Travel & Development (formerly Inter-County) - EUSA practice t-shirt (coach will advise color of the day as noted on the EUSA calendar), black shorts, socks, shinguards, cleats, water bottle and appropriate sized soccer ball for age group.  For Pre-Academy Travel - team soccer bag.  EUSA warmups are acceptable if weather appropriate. For MAPS & EDP Travel Teams: EUSA players should be in their full practice uniforms based on the color of the day.  They should also have their team soccer bag and warmups, if weather appropriate.
  • Games and Tournaments - EUSA uniforms as distributed, shin guards, water, soccer cleats and appropriate sized soccer ball for age group.  For Pre-Academy & Academy Travel, EUSA warmups if weather appropriate.  All teams should always have the opposite color jersey with them AT ALL TIMES.  For Pre-Academy & Academy Travel, team soccer bag.

Improper Gear - Any player arriving for practice and/or games in improper gear will be asked to leave and return when properly attired.  Players will not be allowed to participate in training and/or games unless they are in their proper training gear and/or game uniforms.


updated 04.06.16


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