Community Service Program


High School Students, Parents, and Coaches: EUSA is proud to announce that beginning in January 2010 we will be creating a Community Service Program to help you get certified hours of community service.

This program will offer a variety of activities that will benefit the town and will be officially credited as "Community Service".

Program offers a minimum of 25 hours.

Activities include but are not limited to:
- assistant reffing as lines man
- helping coach K-3rd grade
- checking fields for playability
- fixing/replacing nets
- raising money for the new turf field
- helping in concession stand
- maintaining fields and seeding grass
- keeping player stats on travel teams
- building awareness for soccer in our community
- helping to identify and manage other community service projects
-..... Other?

Program requires attendance at a monthly scheduling meeting at SRC (1 hour) plus a commitment to do a minimum of 4 hours per month of community service for 5 months.

If you are interested in helping out our community please contact.... (Ramsey El-Fakir or eusu@edisonunitedsoccer.com Subject Community Service 

Meeting schedule will be posted on our website.

This is a great opportunity help your community and get certified service hours!

Space is limited to first 50 high school students

Below is the form to complete if you need community service 


Community Service
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